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Health and Safety

Mobile computing devices are designed to be used anywhere and anytime and their portability make them a great device for use in classrooms and at home.

However, teachers and parents should talk with their students/children about how to ensure the most healthy environment when using the iPad. Points to discuss:
  • Encourage good posture and avoid extended use in awkward positions such as on your lap.
  • Take a rest break from the device for 5 minutes every half hour
  • Get up and stretch and give your eyes a visual rest from the iPad screen.
  • Purchase and use your own earphones, don't share other peoples.
  • Ensure volume is appropriate when using earphones and avoid sustained usage at loud volumes.
  • Be aware of the possible trip hazards of the cord when charging your iPad.
A useful resource with guidelines for providing a safe healthy learning environment when using laptops and mobile devices can be found at the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. "Netbook and iPad safe usage guidelines for teachers and parents"