Introducing the iLearn Anywhere Project

In 2014, Catholic Education primary schools the opportunity to engage in a 1-1 ipad trial to support their learning, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy. 

The iLearn Anywhere Project, coordinated by “The Learning Exchange, Diocese of Parramatta”, will :
In 2014, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is offering 500 Year 4 students in 8 primary schools the opportunity to engage in a 1-1 ipad trial to support their learning, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy. 

The iLearn Anywhere Project, coordinated by “The Learning Exchange, Diocese of Parramatta”, will :

  • identify ways of enhancing student learning outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy when using ipads as a digital learning tool in English, Mathematics and other key learning areas.
  • inform future best practice in teaching and learning in technology rich environments in primary classrooms and the potential value of extending digital learning to the home environment
As part of this exciting project:

Students in Year 4 will be provided with a individual access to an iPad Air for their personal educational use at school and at home to support their learning during 2014. The project will extend beyond 2014 with the Yr 4 students taking their iPads into Yr 5 in 2015 and Yr 6 in 2016. We believe this will provide them with a wonderful opportunity to continue to use their ipads to enhance and complement the quality teaching and learning opportunities being provided by their teachers.

Teachers will be provided with professional learning support & resources to assist them to successfully incorporate the use of the ipad into classroom learning and teaching. Professional Learning opportunities will include face to face professional learning as well as in- classroom support and an online course using iTunesU. Teachers will also form in a Professional Learning Community where they will share knowledge and experiences with one another with interschool visits and blogging on the Diocesan iPads in Learning Blog.

Parents will have new opportunities to be engaged with their child’s learning. They will be fully informed of the details of the program and how they can support their child in using the iPad appropriately at home.

The Parramatta Diocesan Learning Exchange will provide guidelines and resources to support the successful implementation in schools. They will also engage with participating students their teachers and parents to gather research evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of the 1-1 ipad use in Stage 2 classrooms.

Sue Walsh : Welcome to the iLearn Project