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Creating an Apple ID

Parents of students in the iLearn program are required to set up an Apple ID for their children.

Parents will use the students school email address to set up the Apple ID for the downloading of Apps required by the school.

Setting up an Apple ID Account without a credit card
It is important that no credit card is attached to the Apple ID.
Follow the instructions on the step by step help sheet below to set up a new Apple ID without a credit card. Click on the link below to access the document in full screen view.

Apple ID creation step by step for iLearn

Click here to view Apple ID Creation-Step by Step for iLearn.  OR Download as pdf

Purchasing of Apps

A set of preselected Apps will be paid for and distributed to students with their iPad. The iLearn project iPad is for the educational use of students. Parents need to discuss with their school about adding any Apps to the iPad other than those recommended.

Recommendation: Use gift cards not credit cards
If Apps are purchased or recommended to be purchased for students, we strongly recommend for your credit card security that parents do not link the students Apple ID to a parents credit card. Instead purchase iTunes or App store gift cards and use the redeem option in the App store to add the gift card amount to your Apple ID account.

Removing a credit card from an Apple ID account
If by accident you have attached a credit card, you can remove it at any time.  You can change your account information to remove your credit card. iTunes Store: Changing Account Information.