During the iLearn 1-1 iPad project, students will use the iPad as a tool when it is most appropriate to support their learning.

Teachers will plan for students to use their iPads to enhance and complement the teaching and learning already happening in the classroom.The iPads come ready for learning in the classroom and have a set of free apps to get started.

What is an app?

“A mobile app, short for mobile application or just app, is application software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.” Wikipedia. Apps are generally designed to perform a specific function. While iPad apps are task specific, students will develop workflows as they utilise a series of apps to design, create and share content.

In deciding which educational apps students will use, schools consider quality criteria such as the following. We prefer apps that :

  • are easy to use, engaging and motivating for students
  • cater for a range of student learning needs
  • provide useful feedback to students 
  • promote creativity and higher order thinking
  • encourage communication and collaboration
  • allow students to easily create and share their work
  • are free of advertisements and do not require ‘in app purchases’

Which apps?

Initially we have selected a set of educational apps which we believe will be particularly suitable for Year 4 students. These free apps will be available for download on each student’s iPad.

Suggested apps include

  • e-readers; ebooks
  • photo & video editing apps
  • creativity tools for drawing, comic strip creation
  • multimedia authoring apps for creating presentations & ebooks 
  • productivity tools eg mindmapping, screencasting, 
  • document storage and sharing
  • tools for modelling,visualising and problem solving in Maths
  • reference tools eg calculator & dictionary
  • word study apps
  • learning communities eg Edmodo 

We have also recommended a small number of paid apps which schools can purchase using a Volume Purchasing program from Apple.
The apps we have initially selected are listed in this spreadsheet.
Apps for Learning