Why the iPad?

In the past few years schools around the world have enthusiastically embraced the iPad as a tool for learning. iPads are versatile and highly portable devices. They transform the ways that students think and learn and give them greater control over how, where and when they learn.

Why the iPad

We believe that learning with iPads 

  • creates contemporary learning environments 
  • prepares students for the world in which they live
  • increases student engagement & motivation 
  • gives easy access to information online 
  • develops creativity and problem solving skills
  • encourages students to become ‘content creators’ rather than simply ‘content consumers’
  • allows students to easily capture and share their learning 
  • increases opportunities for communication and collaboration within and beyond the classroom
  • allows greater control and increased flexibility in learning 
  • improves learning for all students through unique accessibility features
  • allows teachers to personalise learning 

Features of the iPad

In a 1-1 iPad classroom, students have access to their own personal mobile device allowing them to learn anywhere, anytime. Some of the unique features of the iPad which make flexible learning possible include:

  • touch interactivity making it engaging & easy to use
  • video and still cameras, audio recording
  • wireless access to the internet and printing
  • unique accessibility features for reading & viewing
  • access to email, calendars & web browsing
  • ebook reader
  • location services and cloud based technologies
  • create documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • simplified workflows which require fewer technical skills
  • access to a wide range of free/inexpensive educational apps

In summary, the iPad supports students to have greater control and increased flexibility when learning. In other words it enables students to learn anywhere, anytime!