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These Frequently Asked Questions are intended for schools and families participating in the iLearn project. There is lots of useful information in other sections of the iLearn website. If you are needing further assistance please contact your child's school.


How and when will the devices be distributed?
The ipads will be delivered to the school during Week 6. Each iPad will have a unique identification number and be recorded in a database. They will also have a comprehensive set of free educational apps.

Will the school provide a case and/or accessories for the device?
Each student will be supplied a case to protect their ipad. They will also receive a connection cable and power adaptor for syncing and charging. The school will advise if any further equipment is required. Parents may be asked to supply personal accessories such as earbuds /headsets.

Who owns the device?
The iPad is the property of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta. It is provided for your child’s use at their current school for the duration of the iLearn Project. It is anticipated that it will remain with your child for the remainder of their primary schooling. Any loss or damage must be reported to the Principal by the parent and student immediately.  You must return the iPad to the school principal if your child leaves the school.

Will students take their devices home with them?
Yes we consider the iPad to be a tool to support learning so students will take their iPad home each night ....just as they would with other personal tools such as books, pens and pencils. The students will also be responsible for charging the iPad each night and bringing it to school each day.

What about travelling to and from school? The iPad should be transported to and from school in its protective case in shutdown (turned off) or sleep mode.  It should not be used on public transport. Please do not leave the iPad in visible sight when left in a car or leave it in your car for long periods of time or overnight.

Will I require wireless access to the Internet at home? Internet access is an important part of the functionality of the iPad. Your child’s iPad is capable of accessing the internet when wireless networks are available. However, the iPad can be used in many ways without access to the Internet.

Families will also be responsible for downloading updates , any ebooks and new apps provided by the school.Your child’s teacher will help make alternative arrangements for your child where Internet access is not possible.

How can I help my child? I don’t feel confident about using the iPad myself.

Remember your child is a great teacher. They will be learning to use the iPad at school and keen to share their learning with you. You may also like to check out the KNOW YOUR iPAD section of the website.

Can other members of the family use the iPad?

The iPad is provided primarily as a tool to support for your child’s learning rather than as a family entertainment device. All home use needs to be supervised and students need to make sure their iPad is fully charged and ready for school each day.

Can we purchase or install other apps, games or music ourselves on the device? The iPad has only 16GB of storage. This will require careful management so students can store their schoolwork & projects. Any other purchased apps may need permission from the school and also need to be age appropriate and suitable for use at school. Please read Manage Storage section of the iLearn website.